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my issue is i want to load html file in flex mobile application i try many methods to use it through the StageWebView but not working sample of my code :

                stageWebView = new StageWebView();
                stageWebView.stage = this.stage;
                stageWebView.viewPort = new Rectangle(5 , 500, stage.stageWidth, ((stage.stageHeight-90)/4));
                var fPath:String = new File(new File("assets/ads.html").nativePath).url;

Update : the problem solved by using

                    var htmlString:String = "<!DOCTYPE HTML>" + 
                    "<html><body>" +
                    "<p>Bsmallah</p>" +
                stageWebView.loadString( htmlString );

but i cannot load script in it

then any help for how can i load it
Thanks in advance .

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Does this file rely on JS to run? Are you running iOS? Can you confirm the file exists? We need more info. –  Josh Janusch Feb 3 at 15:52
yes , it contains java script and target android and iOS , If any method to run java script only it well be helpful . –  Sameh Feb 4 at 8:17
Give this question I asked a few months ago a read. I was having a similar issue with JS not loading. Oddly enough, I solved it by using loadURL when loadString wasn't working, the opposite of what you did. stackoverflow.com/questions/19144441/… –  Josh Janusch Feb 4 at 15:55

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This below line is messed up.

new File(new File("assets/ads.html").nativePath).url

If you are looking for the current application directory, you can use File.applicationDirectory for getting the current directory, so you can rephrase the above line like below

var fPath:String = File.applicationDirectory + "/" + "assets/ads.html";
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In the web view it shows : Web page is not available the web page at [objectFile] /assets/ads.html might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to anew address , If any method to run java script only it well be helpful . –  Sameh Feb 4 at 8:14
or can load it as a string i try it but not working –  Sameh Feb 4 at 9:54
The line that was originally used is a workaround for the iOS Sandbox. Basically, AIR uses app:// and cache:// (and other) prefixes to represent File.applicationDirectory and File.applicationStorageDirectory. iOS doesn't understand what those URIs mean and cannot load them for that reason. The workaround being used is the correct way to load a URL into iOS. –  Josh Janusch Feb 4 at 15:52

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