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Regarding my former question I posted, my idea was quite vague and I was a bit confused how I can illustrate my quantities. I have three dimensional data set. In one of the dimension, I have a probability distribution regarding each point in that axis. For example a point with (X_0,Y_0) coordinate has a probability that for given Z_0 has P(Z_0)=0.21 and Z varies between [0,1.5]. For instance, I would like to plot a tomographic map at Z=0.8.

How could I add probability distribution which is a 2-D array- e.g. one column Z between [0,1.5] and the other column p(z)- to each point and then make a 3D plot plus a tomography map at one given Z ?

I gridded my data in a 3D array. Then I counted the number of points in the x-y plane. In the z direction, I added the probability of z in each point in each cell from 0 to 1.5 and then I normalized it to the number of points in each grid cell in the x-y plane.

Now I don't know how I can make a contour plot which I would like to project the probability of z, stored in each cell at z=0.8 for a slice perpendicular to the z direction with the upper and lower limits of [0.75,0.85]. Any suggestion???

xi = np.linspace(min(Xpos)-1, max(Xpos)+1, nx)
yi = np.linspace(min(Ypos)-1, max(Ypos)+1, ny)

print "gridding data:"
print mesh.shape
for ii in range(len(Xpos)):
    for i in range(nx-1):
        for j in range(ny-1):
            if ((Xpos[ii]>=xi[i]) and (Xpos[ii]<xi[i+1]) and (Ypos[ii]>=yi[j]) and (Ypos[ii]<yi[j+1])):
               for k in range(len(z)):

for i in range(nx-1):
    for j in range(ny-1):
        if (NP_mesh[i,j]!=0): 
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Do you have code that you've written yourself? Have you made an attempt to program this yourself? –  Ffisegydd Feb 3 at 13:41
@Ffisegydd, I have written a code for the case when each point in the third dimension has a specific quantity but if each point in the third dimension gets some kind of weight regarding to its probability, I don't know how to code it!! –  Dalek Feb 3 at 13:47
People are generally much more happy to help if you post a minimal, reproducible example together with the code you have tried. Thanks! –  Henrik Feb 3 at 13:51
do you mean topographic? –  tcaswell Feb 3 at 21:24
@tcaswell I mean projection of one slice in the direction of Z axis with a narrow width dz in a x-y plane. –  Dalek Feb 3 at 23:29

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