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  • I am required to call on a webservice with version information embedded in the webservice name.
    EG. webserviceV1

  • When I generate a proxy class from the wsdl the webservice name is used to as the class name.
    I am using the wsdl.exe tool.

  • I can foresee that a new version of the webservice would result in my code base having to support 2 sets of proxy classes. Or for the code that use the existing proxy classes to be renamed.


  • I would like to propose a solution to the provider that would allow them to provide multiple versions of the webservice as it is early on in the project.

  • I was advised that a possible solution would be to provide the webservice via different ports. However having tried myself I don't know if that is even possible via IIS.

  • Is it possible to run multiple versions of a webservice at the same time on the same machine?

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Sure it is possible. Instead of appending version numbers to webservice classes, place them in separate virtual directories:


You will then have to devise a versioning scheme (use branches properly; see this for some thoughts on that) to support all versions of service simultaneously.

As for the code, you can try abstracting differences between service versions behind a common interface (think AbstractService) and then use it as a base for version-specific implementations (ServiceV1_3).

Google gives pretty nice results for this exact topic.

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Thanks for the prompt response. Will attempt to learn how to do this. – Gavin Chin Jan 28 '10 at 7:51
Tried it and it works great. Thanks. – Gavin Chin Jan 29 '10 at 3:45

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