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I have installed Glassfish v3 on a standalone server running ubuntu-server 9.10.

I can open the Admin website if I use a browser running on the server by browsing to: http:// localhost:4848/

I would like to access it from a remote machine by browsing to something like http:// mydomain.com:4848/

The firewall is definitely allowing traffic through on that port (4848) and I can access the application server by browsing to: http:// mydomain.com:8080/

How can I allow remote access to the administration website?

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what do you see when you attempt to access mydomain.com:4848 from a remote machine? Is there something in the domain's log file that indicates that something is amiss? –  vkraemer Jan 28 '10 at 16:15

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It is 'allowed' by default, so there may be some you may need to ask a different question...

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It turns out that the firewall was the issue - lesson learned: don't take anyone elses word for something, check it yourself. –  Tom Jan 29 '10 at 11:17

This answer mentions the configuration of listeners for the admin console. Although it focusses on SSL, this configuration area may be the place where you can enable/disable access to the admin console from other other host.

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