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I am building an app that will use the Facebook SDK login and authentication to manage app access. However a lot of data will be pulled from a central web server such as other users profile information, messages that have been sent between users, personal and private information etc, so the web service needs to be tightly access controlled and well protected against unauthorised usage, hacking and data hijacking. Its all very well for the app to be secure with the FB SDK login but then when it sends a request to a web service, how does the web service know who it is talking to and that the person is genuine and logged in via the proper method and not just someone emulating a request sent by an app?

This web service will obviously be publicly accessible and open to being called from any medium, dev environment, terminal session etc, not just my app, so how do I utilise the FB security of OAuth handled within the iphone SDK to make the authentication between app and web server secure and water tight?

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