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Hello i have encountered a problem which gives me headache for a last few days. I have a Google Form that ask for a person to fill out his name, last name and email. After that he receives a auto-response email that his submission is accepted. All of it works fine except one thing. I have fourth column where i generate a unique ID for each new entry via this function in my spreadsheet:

=ArrayFormula(IF(ISNUMBER(A1:A);"SAM"&DEC2OCT(MOD((INT((A2:A-DATE(2000;1;1))*(24*60*60)));2^16))&DEC2HEX(ROW(A2:A))& DEC2HEX(MOD((INT((A2:A-DATE(2000;1;1))*(24*60*60)));2^16)); IFERROR(1/0)))

It works perfectly. Just a user submits a new form it assigns a ID to it. Then i use this script for auto-reply:

function onFormSubmit(e) {
var timestamp = e.values[0];
 var name = e.values[1];
var lastName = e.values[2];
var toAddress = e.values[3];
var orderID = e.values[4];
var subject = "Test cofirmation - " + orderID + " " ;
var emailBody = "Thank you for your time testing this script " + timestamp +
"\n\nThe details you entered were as follows: " +
"\nYour ORDER ID IS: " + orderID;
var htmlBody = "Thank you for your <b>Testing</b> report submitted on <i>" + timestamp +
"</i><br/>&nbsp;<br/>The details you entered were as follows: " +
"<br/><font color=\"red\">Your Name:</font> " + name +
"<br/>Your Email: " + toAddress+
  "\nYour ORDER ID IS: " + orderID;
var optAdvancedArgs = {name: "Thank you for your order", htmlBody: htmlBody};
MailApp.sendEmail(toAddress, subject,
emailBody, optAdvancedArgs);

It returns in the respons everything except information from my custom column orderID. Maybe someone could help me out please?

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