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I have relations in Yii:

public function relations() {
        return array(
            'applicant' => array(
                array('applicant_id' => 'id'),
            'filePair' => array(
                array('file_pair_id' => 'id'),
                'joinType' => 'inner join'

How i can create addCondition in CDbCriteria() for aplicant, for example i want do is_deleted = 0. I am tried it $criteria->with = array('applicant' => array('join'=>'left join','condition'=>'aplicant.is_deleted = 0')); but i have sql syntax error Thanks

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Try this -

          $criteria = new CDbCriteria();
          $criteria->with = array('applicant');
          $criteria->together = true;

You should refer the link here to learn how to use it.

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Only just found a similar solution. Thanks its right answer –  Arthur Yakovlev Feb 3 at 14:49
alright, do mark the question as answered then –  Rohan Feb 3 at 14:53

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