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I am really new to IOS-programming and what I want to do is to make an event occur for every cm the user moves his finger on the screen. I also want different events to happen wether you are swiping left or right.

For example, if the user touches the screen and holds his finger still where he touched, i want nothing to happen, if he starts moving his finger to his left i want an event to occur(e.g a function being called) for every cm he moves his finger. same for if he starts moving his finger to the right but it should trigger a different event(function).

I would appreciate any help since i don´t know how to do this myself

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What you are looking for is a pan gesture recognizer (UIPanGestureRecognizer). It's a little bit of math to get the behavior you are looking for, but it's possible.

Here is Ray Wenderlich's tutorial on gesture recongnizers: UIGestureRecognizer Tutorial in iOS 5: Pinches, Pans, and More!

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Thanks for your answer! I will check it out right away. – Marcus Feb 3 '14 at 15:42

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