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i have a list of text.files. each file contains a matrix. each matrix has to be transposed and saved again as plain text with new filename.

so far i have:

 for (k in dir(".")){h=t(as.matrix(read.table(k))); print(h)}

i don't know how save each transposed matrix in a text file and how to rename them by adding a prefix like :"transposed_" to the old file name yielding something like "trasposed_file.name"

i tried to find a solution but i suspect i lack the keywords to look in the right place and i also suspect that r is not the best language for this kind of job. i would still appreciate very much any help and if possible a solution in .

if it isn't already clear to the reader : yes i am very new in r and lost.

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that was supposed to read : "if possible a solution in R". thanks again in advance –  pidoretroma Feb 3 at 15:06
Instead of print, just write.table(h, paste('tranposeds_',k,sep='',collapse='') should create the new files. –  Carl Witthoft Feb 3 at 15:11
Just as you have used read.table you will find write.table useful –  Matt Weller Feb 3 at 15:15
@ Carl, Matt: i'm very gratefull :) –  pidoretroma Feb 3 at 15:34

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This might help you:

filenames <- list.files()

for (i in filenames) {
  mat <- t(read.table(i))
  filename <- paste0("transposed_", i)
  write.table(mat, file = filename)  
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geez, couldn't even wait for my comment to get posted :-) –  Carl Witthoft Feb 3 at 15:11
@CarlWitthoft Sorry for the hasty answer... ;-) –  Sven Hohenstein Feb 3 at 15:15
thank a lot Sven –  pidoretroma Feb 3 at 15:35
thanks again. it took me 2 whole minutes to find the check mark. buy the way thanks for answering my first Question ever posted. –  pidoretroma Feb 3 at 15:46
@user3265621 You're welcome! I wish you a good time on stackoverflow. :) –  Sven Hohenstein Feb 3 at 15:48

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