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My problem is that i have to delete something out of an array. I found out how to delete something out of a listbox. But the problem is that the listbox is filled by an array. So if I don't delete the value (I deleted out of the listbox) out of the array. The value keeps coming back when you add a new item. BTW: I am new to php and javascript.

My code is:

function removeItem(veldnaam){
var geselecteerd = document.getElementById("lst"+veldnaam).selectedIndex;
var nieuweArray;

For (var i = 0, i<= arr.lenght, i++) {
If (i= geselecteerd){
    nieuweArray = arr.splice(i,1);
    document.getElementById(veldnaam+'hidden').value = arr;

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those dutch identifiers sound funny - I'd recommend using english language only respecting the coding conventions... :D – Gnark Jan 28 '10 at 8:43
kk thanks for the advice Sophomore – stijn Jan 28 '10 at 8:45

Use the delete operator. I'm assuming you are using objects as associative arrays.

var arr = {
  "hello": "world",
  "foo": "bar"
delete arr["foo"]; // Removes item with key "foo"
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delete should work too. – Alex Jan 28 '10 at 8:23
stijn uses arr.splice(), so I think you assume wrongly. And in true arrays the delete operator doesn't change the index... – Boldewyn Jan 28 '10 at 8:41

You can delete elements in an array using the delete command. But it will just set the value to undefined.

var arr = ['h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'];
delete arr[2];

arr => ['h', 'e', undefined, 'l', 'o'];

So it will not remove the item, and make a shorter array, the array will still have 5 elements (0 to 4), but the value has been deleted.

In the case of "associative" arrays, or objects: The property will get erased and it will no longer exist.

var obj = { 'first':'h', 'second':'e', 'third':'l'};
delete obj['first'];

obj  => { 'second':'e', 'third':'l'};
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Add the following code somewhere

// Array Remove - By John Resig (MIT Licensed)
Array.prototype.remove = function(from, to) {
  var rest = this.slice((to || from) + 1 || this.length);
  this.length = from < 0 ? this.length + from : from;
  return this.push.apply(this, rest);

and call it like this:

// Remove the second item from the array
// Remove the second-to-last item from the array
// Remove the second and third items from the array
// Remove the last and second-to-last items from the array

Article containing the code above and explanation:

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var geselecteerd = document.getElementById("lst"+veldnaam).selectedIndex;
var nieuweArray;
var teller = 0;
var oudeArray=document.getElementById(veldnaam+'hidden').value;
var tmpArr="";


for (i = 0; i<nieuweArray.length; i++){
if (!(i==geselecteerd)){
tmpArr = tmpArr+nieuweArray[i]+":";}
tmpArr = tmpArr + ":";
tmpArr = tmpArr.replace("::","");
document.getElementById(veldnaam+'hidden').value = tmpArr;          

This is my solution and it worked. Thanks for your help.

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