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I'm trying to reduce the width of the <p:menubar> in primefaces. By default, it covers the whole screen with but I want to reduce that. I've tried using css "width: 70%;" but still not working. Does anyone knows the way out?

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have you tried to set as !important? width: 70% !important; –  Pellizon Feb 3 at 15:18
Oh that works perfect. Thanks @Pellizon. Can I ask on more question on menubar? How can I evenly distribute submenus such that if there are just 5 submenus, they would be evenly positioned on the bar instead of all starting from the left. Probably a space between them or a submenu center alignment. Is that possible? –  mcwaloy Feb 3 at 15:38
I'm not sure, but you could try to set the margin style of each p:submenu –  Pellizon Feb 3 at 16:10
Thanks. I've just tried this margin-right: 10px !important; and it's manageable. Thanks alot –  mcwaloy Feb 3 at 16:48
You're welcome! Remember that using !important is not a good practice... The recommended should be understand the CSS layers and modify the root. The use of !important can give you a little headache after a while –  Pellizon Feb 3 at 17:36

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Give you menubar an exclusive class (lets say my-70-pc-menu) to avoid every manubar to be 70% and than change your css file to place this:

    width: 70% !important;  
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Thanks for your answer @Daniel but what difference does the .ui-menubar in your above css code makes? My css doesnt have that but still works after adding !important to it. Do you have a suggestion or answer to my comment above about distributing submenu or menuitem on the menubar? –  mcwaloy Feb 3 at 16:04
My bad! That was just my old habits. I will update the answer. –  Daniel Camargo Feb 3 at 16:07

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