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I want to bind the MouseDoubleClick (or PreviewMouseDoubleClick) to my custom Command defined in my custom WPF Control.

The problem is that it does not work.

<!--This CommandBinding **DOES NOT WORK** !-->
<ListBox Grid.Row="1"
   DisplayMemberPath="{TemplateBinding DisplayMemberPath}"                                                                     
   ItemsSource="{TemplateBinding ItemsSource}">
  <MouseBinding Command="{x:Static local:ListPicker.AcceptCommand}"                                                                                  
       MouseAction="LeftDoubleClick" />

<!--This CommandBinding **WORKS** !-->
<Button Grid.Row="0"
  Command="{x:Static local:ListPicker.AcceptCommand}"
  Content="Accept" />
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There is no direct way. But, you can achieve this by creating a custom click handler. What I did was, I had a click counter class, which will start a timer whenever the click method is invoked. It will increase the click count as and when a click is received within the given time. For me I had 2000 milliseconds as interval between each click. If you want to know how many correct clicks were made. You need to use the ClickCount property of that class. I had to use it for situation to perform different actions for single click, double click and triple click. HTH – Prince Ashitaka Aug 21 '10 at 14:14

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