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I'm trying to write a code in Matlab that will generate a plot into a figure and then save or export the figure into my directory. The code I used is as follow:

h = figure('name','HousingIndex');
legend('Index Sample','Index Repeat Subsample');
title('Housing Index');

Where "quarter" is a 1-by-75 vector of consecutive quarters and "indexSample" and "indexSubsample" are 1-by-75 vectors of indices values. However, when I try to export the figure using the hgexport function as such:


I received the following error message:

??? Error using ==> hgexport at 140
First argument must be a handle to a figure.

I also tried using the saveas function as such:


and I received the following error message:

??? Error using ==> saveas at 59
Invalid handle.

Both errors indicate I have an invalid handle. I will greatly appreciate a descriptive answer of why I'm getting an invalid handle as well as a solution to this problem.

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Which version of Matlab? –  kkuilla Feb 3 at 15:57 (R2010a) –  Abdulaziz Alhouti Feb 3 at 15:59

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