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I’m using Maven 3.1.1 on Mac 10.9.1. I want to activate a profile based on whether certain child modules contain a file. I have tried the following


but this profile doesn’t get activated when running “mvm clean install” despite the fact I’ve verified that the child modules in question contain the file. I also tried ${project.basedir} without luck. Any ideas how I make this happen?

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Since you define the profile in the parent POM (I guess) you should try this


Furthermore, you should try running Maven in debug mode to get more information at runtime:

mvm -X clean install
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I have several child modules for which the condition will be satisfied. What I'm trying to say in my profile is if the child module has a "web.xml" file, run the profile, otherwise, don't run it. So I'm trying to avoid hard-coding of things. Does that make sense? –  Dave Feb 3 at 20:01
If the profile is in the parent POM and all child module POMs inherit from it then you should be able to use ${project.basedir}/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml because ${project.basedir} is evaluated against the respective child module. –  Marcel Stör Feb 3 at 20:20
I tried ${basedir} and that worked. –  Dave Feb 3 at 20:57

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