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I'm working on a PyQt4 user interface that I did not program and often I waste lot of time understanding what methods of the GUI class are involved when some events (push button, edit line etc.) happen.

I was wondering (and found nothing on the web so far), is there any way to make the debugging session starting from the first line of code, rather than from a point in which I set a breakpoint? To be more clear, if the GUI is composed as follows:

class UserInterface:
    def Setup:
    def WhenButtonIsPushed:
    def WhenLineIsEdited:

Assume that I want to debug the interface code when the "LineIsEdited". In that case, I would set a breakpoint at the first line of the code in the def WhenLineIsEdited frame and then I would edit the line in the interface to enter the code debugging. But what if I don't know from which point the interpreter will start reading the source code when I edit the line?

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