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I'm having a hard time joining three separate tables in Oracle. I'm never joined three tables before so I'm not well versed. My theory is below:

SELECT customer_num WHEN customer_num IS 104 -198, order_num
  FROM orders INNER JOIN items
    ON order_num, stock_num
    INNER JOIN stock
      ON stock_num, description

Essentially, I'm trying to start with the ORDERS table and pull the customer number (customer_num) specifically customer number 104 -108 and the order_num from the orders table. Then attach the orders table to the Items table and attach the order_num and stock_num, and lastly attach the stock table and pull out the stock_num and description.

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It should look something like this (based on the limited information about the schema)...

    ITEMS I,
    I.CUSTOMER_NUM >= 104
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Your syntax is all over the place, and wouldn't work for a two-table join, or even querying a single table. Not sure where you got WHEN from, or the order of your clauses. Please review the SQL reference to see how to join and how to filter. Anyway...

You seem to want something like this:

SELECT o.customer_num, o.order_num, i.stock_num, s.description
FROM orders o
INNER JOIN items i ON i.order_num = o.order_num
INNER JOIN stock s ON s.stock_num = i.stock_num
WHERE o.customer_num BETWEEN 104 AND 198;

The WHERE clause is being applied to the orders table to restrict which customers' orders you get. I've assumed from your description that the orders and items tables have a common order_num column you can join on; and that the items and stock tables have a common stock_num column you can join on.

As OldProgrammer said, it would be helpful to include your table schemas in the question so assumptions don't need to be made, and showing sample data and expected output for that data would clarify what you're trying to do.

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The syntax for a JOIN is:

TableExpression [ INNER ] JOIN TableExpression
  ON booleanExpression |    USING clause

The booleanExpression is what the tables will be linked by. So, in your example, something like this:

SELECT customer_num WHEN customer_num IS 104 -198, order_num
FROM orders INNER JOIN items
  ON orders.<some_column> = items.<some_column>
  ON items.<some_column> = stock.<some_column>
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