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I have following classes and DbContext:

public class Order:BaseEntity
   public Number {get; set;}
  public Name {get; set;} 

public class Context : DbContext
    public DbSet<Order> Orders { set; get; }
    public DbSet<Product> Products { set; get; }

Also I have a list of objects that want to add to my context, but I don't know how can I find appropriate generic DbSet according each entity type dynamically.

IList<BaseEntity> list = new List<BaseEntity>();
Order o1 = new Order();
o1.Numner = "Ord1";

Product p1 = new Product();
p1.Name = "Pencil";

Context cntx = new Context();  
foreach (BaseEntity entity in list)

How can I do that?

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DbContext has a method called Set, that you can use to get a non-generic DbSet, such as:

var someDbSet = this.Set(typeof(SomeEntity));

So in your case:

foreach (BaseEntity entity in list)
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Is there any way to get generic DbSets also? – Masoud Feb 4 '14 at 6:14
I'm not sure how you would plan to use that, given that you only know the base type at compile time, but FYI, there is also a Set<T>() method which returns the DbSet<T>. – Pablo Romeo Feb 4 '14 at 7:03

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