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Delphi - How to use CHM HTML Help file with Delphi XE application?

http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/27842 article describes how to use CHM file. I did all the steps described there.


  HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC        = $0000;
  HH_DISPLAY_TOC          = $0001;
  HH_CLOSE_ALL            = $0012;

function HtmlHelp(hwndCaller: HWND;
  pszFile: PChar; uCommand: UINT;
  dwData: DWORD): HWND; stdcall;
  external 'HHCTRL.OCX' name 'HtmlHelpA';

and public function HH`

function TForm1.HH(Command: Word; Data: Integer;
  var CallHelp: Boolean): Boolean;
  if (Command = 0) and (Data = 0) then
        HH_DISPLAY_TOC, 0);

  CallHelp := False;

In FormCreate

  Application.OnHelp := HH;

On the button1 OnClick event added the following code:

HH(0, 0, dummy);

After clicking on the button1, cursor becomes an hourglass for a while, and that's all.

What I'm doing wrong ?

And how the CHM help file can be used from DelphiXE application?

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Don't you just add HtmlHelpViewer to your uses clause? And that should be it. –  David Heffernan Feb 3 at 18:15
HTMLHelpViewer is in my uses clause,so it's not the reason. –  Avrob Feb 3 at 18:22
If you use that you need nothing else –  David Heffernan Feb 3 at 18:31
Thank You. I've created a help test project. It works there. But it doesn't work in my main project ((, which is a MDI application. –  Avrob Feb 3 at 18:38
Clearly you've got something wrong in your project. Can't tell what from here. –  David Heffernan Feb 3 at 18:40

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The article you are working from pre-dates built in support for HTML help. These days you do the following:

  • Include HtmlHelpViewer in at least one of your uses clauses.
  • Set Application.HelpFile to the path of your help file.

And that's it. The code in your question should be removed. The built-in help viewer takes care of all those details.

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Include HtmlHelpViewer and Set Application.HelpFile and like a miracle everything goes by itself. OP has informed you HTMLHelpViewer is in my uses clause,so it's not the reason. Also as you can clearly see he uses Application.HelpFile:=HelpDir+'Sample.chm'; and now? Your answer has as always immediately 2 upvotes. But can not help OP. This is a pity. –  moskito-x Feb 4 at 0:43
Thanks David. It was the matter. Now it works. –  Avrob Feb 4 at 7:17
@moskito I don't understand your comment –  David Heffernan Feb 4 at 7:18

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