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I have plotted a map in ggplot and used

states <- map_data("world")

p <- ggplot()
p <- p + geom_polygon( data=states, aes(x=long, y=lat, group = group),fill="black",colour="white" )
p <- p + geom_point(data=test, aes(x=long, y=lat,color = S,size=NC))+
scale_color_gradient(low="yellow",high="red", limit=c(0,25),space="Lab",name = "Seasonality")+

scale_size(range = c(0, 10),name="Number of Commodities")+ggtitle("Seasonality Map")+theme_bw()

which plots nicely the points I want on the map and gives a legend. However I would like to change the legend of the plot and set the color and size scale manually so that color and size scale and the legend look like...


*small circle*  1-3
*medium circle* 4-6
*large circle*  7-9

*yellow color*  < 10
*orange color*  10-25
*red color*     25 <

I know there is a cut function, but i just wanted to know if you can do it using the scale options in ggplot without making new categorical variables.

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For the color you can use scale_colour_gradientn and provide your own colors and intervals like this :

scale_colour_gradientn(colours = c("yellow","orange","red"),

For the size you should use scale_size_continuous(breaks=...) but without a reproducible example I can't be sure.

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there an extra n and missing ) but otherwise when i put in this command it gives me Error in continuous_scale("colour", "gradient", seq_gradient_pal(low, : unused arguments (colours = c("yellow", "orange", "red"), values = c(0, 10, 25, 149.209542480829)) – BaconDoggie Feb 3 '14 at 18:41
extra n? just a missing ) and I add it. The function is scale_colour_gradientn with "n" . And if you provide a reproducible example you will get a better quality answer. I can't test my answer since you don't provide any support to do it. – agstudy Feb 3 '14 at 18:45
I apologize for the n as I didnt know about gradientn. I will edit the post with sample data so it can be reproduced – BaconDoggie Feb 3 '14 at 18:58
@BaconDoggie No problem. You are welcome. – agstudy Feb 3 '14 at 19:01
for some reason gradietn isnt working for me. If gives me the colors, but everything is yellow including in the legend – BaconDoggie Feb 3 '14 at 19:18

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