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In my client solution there is a need to do a partial refresh from the server. Is it possible to clear all the defined constructors and all the cache?

even tried

 dataService = new breeze.DataService(breezeDataServiceSettings),
        ms = new breeze.MetadataStore();
        manager = new breeze.EntityManager({ dataService: dataService , metadataStore: ms});

on every refresh

i found that i need to clear yhe entityType in the prototype

var ctor = ctorFactory.createCtor(allTypes[type].shortName),
                store = manager.metadataStore;

            ctor.prototype.entityType = undefined; 
            store.registerEntityTypeCtor(allTypes[type].shortName, ctor);
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Actually, new breeze.EntityManager(...) always produces a clean manager with an empty metadataStore. Look at the network traffic and you'll see that a new manager requests metadata from the server on its first query.

You have to want to avoid that squeaky clean behavior ... and I usually do want to avoid that behavior.

Usually, if I've acquired the metadata once and initialized my manager with it, I want to create new managers that are set up in the same way. And you can:

// manager2 has manager1's settings but not its cache contents
var manager2 = manager1.createEmptyCopy(); 

But I guess in your case you desire the default.

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give this a try:

var controllerName = '...',
    serviceUrl = 'https://..../' + controllerName,
    metadataUrl = serviceUrl + '/Metadata',
    entityManager = new breeze.EntityManager();
$.ajax({ url: metadataUrl, type: 'GET', dataType: 'text' })
    .then(metadataJson => {
        entityManager.metadataStore.addDataService(new breeze.DataService({ serviceName: serviceUrl }));
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