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Let's say I have a collection of items

var itemsRef = new Firebase("https://example.firebaseio.com/items");  
$scope.items = $firebase(itemsRef);

And I wan't to save a new item to the collection with a $priority

$scope.items["thing"] = {name:'The Thing'};
$scope.items["thing"].$priority = 1;

So far so good - I can see the new item in my collection.

Now let's fetch it and figure out what $priority I just assigned to it:

var thingRef = new Firebase("https://example.firebaseio.com/items/thing");  
$scope.thing = $firebase(thingRef);
$scope.thing.$on("loaded", function() {

Which shows us our Firebase object in the console without a $priority assigned to it.

However -- if we:

//After saving the "thing" $priority
$scope.items.$on("loaded", function() {

You will see the child node and its $priority

What is the correct way to both save and get priorities for a Firebase collection item?

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That should work, unless the call to save() is calling update which doesn't persist priorities. Can you try using the orderByPriority filter to see if the priorities are reflected in the array that is returned by the filter? –  Anant Feb 3 at 23:09
@Anant Well what's interesting is that when I console.log($scope.items) after a $scope.items.$on("loaded") callback I see the $priority attached as a property of the thing child node. Is a $priority only returned when fetching parents that contain children with a $priority? –  Dan Kanze Feb 4 at 19:14
Ah, that could indeed be the case. We see if getPriority() returns anything while parsing a snapshot and if one isn't present, we won't include it for that particular node. –  Anant Feb 4 at 23:07
@Anant Now that we've established there is in fact a $priority being saved to thing I think were back to the original question which is --- should you be able to directly fetch the $priority for thing using the items/thing ref? –  Dan Kanze Feb 5 at 0:53
Yes, you should be able to. If you aren't, that's likely to be a bug. Could you file one under angularFire on Github? Thanks! –  Anant Feb 5 at 1:11

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This was a bug which has since been resolved: https://github.com/firebase/angularFire/issues/243

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