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I need a regex that matches all strings ending in .cs, but if they end in .g.cs they should not match. I'm using .NET regular expressions.

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This will match the end if it's .cs but not .g.cs


For the entire string start to finish, something like this:

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^.*?(?<!\.g)\.cs$ –  Vinko Vrsalovic Oct 18 '08 at 18:18
whops yes, had a small tyop .? instead of .*, ungreedy shoulnd't matter though. –  thr Oct 18 '08 at 18:22

In a regex engine without negative lookbehind:


Linguistically, general lookahead/lookbehind is non-regular, so it isn't a "regular expression" even though it's really convenient...

Irrelevant because you state that you're using .NET's regular expression engine, which supports non-regular extensions like this, but I like to make this point whenever I can.

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Upvoted because this could be useful for people doing something similar in, say, JS. –  eyelidlessness Oct 20 '08 at 5:22

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