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I have a map with two types of markers. One type is the location of a store, let's call it "Store A" and the other type is "My Position". There are many "Store A" markers and one "My Position" marker. The "My Position" marker has a higher zIndex than the "Store A" markers.

My Position - Marker: zIndex = 3

Store A - Marker : zIndex = 2

In certain cases a "Store A" marker can be slightly - let's say half - overlapped or covered by the "My Position" Marker. In this case click events do not reach the "Store A" Marker, unless I zoom in far enough, that both markers are not touching each other any more.

The "My Position" marker has no click event. It's just a visual. The "Store A" marker opens an infowindow.

Of course I can hope to use zooms in far enough but it would be more elegant to let the click event reach the marker at the back. How can this be achieved?

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Set the clickable property of the "My Position" marker to false

clickable | boolean | If true, the marker receives mouse and touch events. Default value is true.
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Thank you! I missed that property. –  TJ. Feb 3 '14 at 20:51

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