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I recently deployed an Application to the Apple App Store for IOS and noticed under the Settings menu on an IOS device there was an icon available that corresponded to my App. Upon clicking it, I was met with a blank screen.

I received a few reports of this from some of my users and was curious if there was a way to actually hide this area at all when archiving / deploying the actual application?

It should be noted that I actually have a Root.plist file located under the Settings.bundle folder within my Project, which I used to help manage actual settings within the application itself. But I would prefer if these were managed strictly through the Settings area of the application and not outside of it (such as in the Settings area of the device).

So my question is : Is there a way to hide the Settings area for App Store applications in IOS ? If not, how can I actually "use" the Settings area so that the user can make changes to the application from there?

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