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I'm using UIActivityViewController for share NSString and UIImage, but I don't want to share the UIImage with iMessage & e-mail.

How can I create such a custom UIActivity for UIImage and leave NSString for all?

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When you create your UIActivityViewController, you pass along an array of activity items.

And the objects you pass along in that array can be objects that adopt the UIActivityItemSource protocol.

And if you send along a UIImage, why not create a "ImageItemProvider" object and then implement your own "activityViewController:itemForActivityType:" method that returns "nil" if you don't want to share the image via iMessage or email.


//- Returns the data object to be acted upon. (required)
- (id)activityViewController:(UIActivityViewController *)activityViewController itemForActivityType:(NSString *)activityType
    if ([activityType isEqualToString:UIActivityTypeMail]) {
        return nil;

    if ([activityType isEqualToString:UIActivityTypeMessage]) {
        return nil;

    return [UIImage imageNamed:@"the image you wanted returned"];

I'm basing this answer on the code I found in this tutorial.

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It is some idea, but UIImage is dynamic (capture view), so if I create a new object the UIActivityViewController will be loading too long. I think, that the best way is simply code in main view, but I don't now how :( –  Filip Feb 3 '14 at 22:01
If generating the thing to be shared can take a while, you might want to look into using UIActivityItemProvider. –  ccjensen Feb 8 '14 at 19:02

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