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I need to execute a fql using facebook dll in asp.net. The fql is ="select name, profile_url from user where name = 'suresh'". When I execute this i could not get the response . I am getting only empty string.

string response = fbService.fql.query("select name, profile_url from user where name = 'suresh'");

but if i search by id i can get response..

so, how to search by name in that..

thanks r.eswaran.

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The name field contains the full name. It can't be a just a partial value. Are you sure that the full value isn't something like 'Suresh Lastname' ?

I recommend you use the Facebook API Test Console to test out the queries. It can be found at: http://developers.facebook.com/tools.php

Select "fql.query" as the method. It will come up with a field where you can enter your FQL queries to test.

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Hi, I have changed fql & tested in tool. It gives response but, when I try to use that in my web application (asp.net) i could not get reply I am getting empty string Here is my code using facebook.Components; FacebookService fb = new FacebookService(); fb.ApplicationKey = "bfeefa69afdfe81975f0d6136ace3009"; fb.Secret = "9b672d682e1d8befd06382953fc2615b"; fb.IsDesktopApplication = false; //here i am getting empty string string s = fb.fql.query("select name, first_name from user where name = 'Suresh Rajan'"); Response.Write(s); how to resolve it? thanks r.e –  eswaran Jan 28 '10 at 12:05
Theres obviously something wrong with the FQL statement. Do the single quote characters need escaping? E.g: fb.fql.query("select name, first_name from user where name = ''Suresh Rajan''"); –  Andrew Dyster Jan 28 '10 at 12:41

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