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Im trying to identify which code from the client is calling a gwt rpc service but the stack on my debug view in eclipse doesnt show me the caller for the service.

Is there a way to figure it out this??

Thank you !

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In eclipse go to your interface .class file. On press Ctrl+Shift+G. This will show you all occurrences of the interface and you can put breakpoints to all occurences.

Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G work also with methods of inteface.

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Mmm that is a good idea, i'm trying this. thank you! But i think this maybe a cumbersome solution when having a lot of occurences. –  Lben Feb 5 at 14:37

If it's coming from your client side code, you can put a break point on the method signature in your <SERVICE_NAME>Async.java interface. Debugging should hit the break-point as long as you're running with the gwt codeserver.

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Thankyou for your answer but already thought that, but it is not possible to set a breakpoint on an interface method signature –  Lben Feb 4 at 1:38

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