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I have to write an OpenOffice add-on (in Java) which communicates with DCOM server of some closed-source application. The major problem is that, I don't have any documentation about server's Interfaces .

All I have is a VB/C++ SDK kit for the Application. SDK contain a library in dll and a bunch of *.tlb files. In SDK documentation there is an information, I can use java, but there is no example at all. I have read provided examples and it looks like all the communication wit DCOM goes through this dll.

Is there a way to somehow import such dll/tlb functions def directly to java, bypass dll and comunicate with DCOM or I have to write a C++ wrapper(dll)? What is the best way to do it?

Any hints are welcomed.

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You can use a project like j-Interop for communication with (D)COM servers.

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