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I have certain issue. while I do understand the reason code returns "Nothing" and 24.0 I can't quite grasp why I'm getting: "Nothing" 24.0 AND 9.0. Can someone please explain the issue better? Thank you, here is the code.

class Object {

    int w; int h; int d;

    void test() { System.out.print("araferi ");}

    double volum() {return w*h*d;}

    void volum(double x) {

    System.out.print(" "+ --x);}


 public class Test {

    public static void main (String[] args){

       Object ob1=new Object();






       System.out.print(" "+ob1.volum());

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change class name Object to ObjectTest because Object class is reserved class by Java – mohsin azeem Feb 3 '14 at 21:31

The line ob1.volum(10); calls the second volum method, which decrements then prints its argument. That's what's showing you 9.0.

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The function:

void volum(double x) {
    System.out.print(" "+ --x);}

Will print out a value of 9 as you've applied a pre-decrement to the value you passed in (10)

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The 9.0 output comes from this line:


which receives 10 as argument, but in the body of the method it's being decreased (--x), that's why you get 9.

Note: Don't use Object as the name of a class, since it's the root of the class hierarchy in Java. Change it to something else, like MyObject.

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He's not specifically printing the result of the volum method for the value of 9 as his function doesn't return a result but it does print out the value – Matthew Shine Feb 3 '14 at 21:36

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