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Anyone know how I can add a column that changes all the Type entries to 'New' if the client at anytime had 'New'?


Trans  Date   Client Type
0001  1/2/13   1234  New
0002  1/4/13   1234  Returning
0003  1/3/13   1234  Returning
0004  1/3/13   1234  Returning
0005  1/5/13   1234  Returning

I would like to do this in DAX but Excel or SQL work too. Thanks!

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Try this.

SET Type = 'New'
WHERE Client IN (SELECT DISTINCT Client FROM Table WHERE Type = 'New')

I do not know why I was down voted but here is a SQLFIDDLE that shows that the query does work.

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Do you have an excel solution too? –  Yesenita Feb 3 '14 at 22:46
No I do not have an Excel solution. –  user2989408 Feb 3 '14 at 22:58

I have a two column solution for you. Look at formulae in columns E and F. References assume your data is in columns A-D starting at row 2, alter as necessary. You could also do an array formula of this if yo really want the one column solution

      A     B       C      D         
1   Trans  Date   Client Type        
2   0001  1/2/13   1234  New         
3   0002  1/4/13   1234  Returning
4   0003  1/3/13   1234  Returning
5   0004  1/3/13   1234  Returning
6   0005  1/5/13   1234  Returning

In column E - Concatonate your client number and type:


This will yield results such as 1234New, 1234Returning etc.

In column F - Test to see if anything in column E has the row client number + "New". If there is anything that has that client number and new in column E, return "New" as the status otherwise return existing status:

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