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The following code:

Debug.LogWarning("updating scale fix, scalefactor: "+scaleFactor+" - Current scale is: "+cell.transform.localScale.x);
cell.transform.localScale.Set (scaleFactor,scaleFactor,scaleFactor);
Debug.LogWarning("Scale after fix: " + cell.transform.localScale.x);

Produces the following output:

updating scale fix, scalefactor: 0.9 - Current scale is 0.8921105

Scale after fix: 0.8921105

Any ideas? I would just assume that since these things are happening right after each other, the scale should be updated. Or does that happen after a frame has completed?

Any help is appreciated.

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localScale is a property so it returns a copy of the real localScale (Vector3 is a struct) Try cell.transform.localScale = new Vector3 (scaleFactor, scaleFactor, scaleFactor); or cell.transform.localScale = Vector3.one * scaleFactor;

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Spot on. A little more background reading for OP. –  rutter Feb 4 at 2:26
This worked, thanks. One question I had though was that the .Set(x,y,x) was assumed to be used for this purpose. And yet, I do not see any documentation on it. –  Salx Feb 5 at 22:46
But how to scale it from one point e.g. From Left to right? Is it possible to set pivot position programatically? –  Rajneesh Gaikwad Oct 11 at 12:44
Yes, you can change transform.position and transform.localPosition. –  artemisart Oct 11 at 16:32

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