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I have a table view (not UITableViewController) in a UIViewController, which is my second controller in the "Navigation Controller". The table shows fine but when I change the style to Grouped it shows plain gray colour with no separators at all, even the controller not responding to methods in the assigned controller. I have ensured the table view has been linked to the delegate and the dataSource. The same procedure works for the iPhone.

enter image description here

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Please make sure you have implemented numberOfSectionsInTableView method from its delegate –  Ayan Sengupta Feb 3 at 23:12
This might be an obvious question, but have actually added any cells to the table yet? –  Shaan Singh Feb 3 at 23:20
@ShaanSingh thanks man, it was that number of cells, the "array" doesn't return anything, but I don't understand is, how it works fine for iPhone –  Crazy Feb 3 at 23:41
@AyanSengupta thanks for ur comment, the issue was the number of cells, where the "Array wasn't returning anything. "shaanSingh" figure it out. –  Crazy Feb 3 at 23:44
For someone beneficial, the data wasn't showing up in the second view controller when i select a cell in the first one, the problem was, I suppose to pass the selected cell to the second controller using "segue" function, but I forgot to give "segue" an identifier. –  Crazy Feb 4 at 0:04

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From my comment:

In order to show grouped cells, the array has to return data for the cells to use.

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