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I have a vertical UICollectionView with each cell taking up the entire self.view.frame I can easily swipe upwards to page to the next cell, but I would like to do the same thing with the press of a button.

I've tried using:

- (void)setContentOffset:(CGPoint)contentOffset animated:(BOOL)animated


- (void)scrollRectToVisible:(CGRect)rect animated:(BOOL)animated

They work but they temporarily "White-Out" the currentCell to present the nextCell, while the swiping shows both cells during the transition.

Ideally I would like to use:

- (void)scrollToItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath atScrollPosition:(UICollectionViewScrollPosition)scrollPosition animated:(BOOL)animated

But I don't know how to access the nextCell's indexPath... I've tried:

NSIndexPath *nextIndexPath = [_collectionView indexPathForItemAtPoint:CGPointMake(25, (_collectionView.frame.size.height-25)*(_currentIndexRowForCellOnScreen+1))];

Where _currentIndexRowForCellOnScreen is the indexPath.row of the UICollectionView's first appearance on screen in:

- (UICollectionViewCell*)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)collectionView cellForItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath

But when I put it into:

- (NSIndexPath *)indexPathForCell:(UICollectionViewCell *)cell

it returns NULL after the first Cell, and does not animate....

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Assuming your collectionView contains only 1 section, and given that each item occupies the whole frame then you could do something like this;

  NSArray *visibleItems = [self.collectionView indexPathsForVisibleItems];
  NSIndexPath *currentItem = [visibleItems objectAtIndex:0];
  NSIndexPath *nextItem = [NSIndexPath indexPathForItem:currentItem.item + 1 inSection:currentItem.section];
  [self.collectionView scrollToItemAtIndexPath:nextItem atScrollPosition:UICollectionViewScrollPositionTop animated:YES];
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I'm ashamed I did not know about the NSIndexPath properties .item and .section. It doesn't appear in the NSIndexPath Class Reference unless you search it within the UIKit Framework Reference. But for some reason I am still getting the same results of the "white-Out" during the transition. Thank you for your answer, it did answer my initial question, so I will give you credit. –  Rhotick Feb 4 at 19:23
you shouldn't be getting white-out ... i tested it and i saw, as expected, scrolling to the correct position. With that said, i used an existing collectionView with multiple cells visible. I would look at your cell, ensure that you are rasterizing the layer or you might see, in the least hesitation in scrolling. –  MDB983 Feb 4 at 20:26

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