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I am busy updating a Flash application from a previous developer, but it was written for Windows. I am busy developing on Mac and there is this segment of code:

_global.localSO = SharedObject.getLocal("personalCookie", "/"); = textFileContent;
fscommand("exec", "fscommand/save_personal.exe");

What it basically does is the following:

  • it stores a value to a session variable in Flash (was told this by previous developer)
  • it calls a file compiled from Director, save_personal.exe
  • save_personal.exe calls another fl_save_personal.swf inside the .exe file
  • fl_save_personal.swf retrieves the session variables and passes them to the save_personal.exe
  • save_personal.exe writes this variable to a text file personal.txt (as it gets it with no other calculations on the variable itself)

Now, my real question is the following, can this save_personal.exe execute on a Mac at all (by means of the original Flash app calling it, in this case, or must I publish the Director file as also in order to test the file creation?

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.EXE on MAC? NO! only if you use Wine for darwin :)

i think that this can help too: board[dot]flashkit[dot]com/board/showthread.php?t=140971

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I am not necessarily going to double click the actual .exe file, it will only be called from my Flash .swf/.app movie. Yes, I know Mac cannot execute .exe files, but I was just wondering if it can be done via a known application (like a .swf) that it does actually understand how to execute. – Anriëtte Myburgh Jan 28 '10 at 11:33
i think no, because the swf just calls the file to be executed, and it will not handle the system to say how to execute it. so, if you wan't to run an exe file on mac, no matter if it is called by Finder or Adobe Flash Player, you will need a handler, like Wine for Darwin or CrossOver ;) I've edited the answer – CuSS Jan 28 '10 at 11:41
Thank you, that's what I wanted to know. Well, it works if I replace save_personal.exe with – Anriëtte Myburgh Jan 28 '10 at 12:05

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