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I have been trying to accomplish this for 6 hours now but can't seem to get anywhere. As the last way out I'm trying to find an answer here. What I'm basically trying to do is to run commands to my java minecraft server console program from php. I've tried using screen, but that's only possible using a real terminal.

My setup is currently like this:

Server computer running Ubuntu Server 12.04 with Minecraft_Server.jar running as a console program with nogui. I can't seem to figure out how to call commands inside the java console from other terminals. I did manage to enter commands from ssh using screen, but that's as far as I've come.

So to try to clear things out a bit more, the minecraft server is running as a java console program. On the same computer I also have my webserver running, and I want to call java console commands in the minecraft server console from php, preferably using exec();

I'm open for any kind of solution, as I'm not locked down in any system and I'm ready to change whatever it takes.

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