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What I want

  • How can I 'build' an HTML file so that it opens in my browser and Sublime Text 2 does not display a build panel?

  • More generally, how can I interact with Sublime Text 2 settings from my .sublime-build files?

I'm on Mac OS X/Chrome 32.0.1700.102.

I'd like to suppress the build panel in Sublime Text 2 (ST2) on a per-build-system basis. If necessary, I'd be OK suppressing depending on the syntax of the open window. Basically, I want to be able to open an HTML file I'm editing in my browser without seeing the [Finished in 0.01s] output at the bottom of the screen. An analogous question has been asked on superuser.

The setting to change is show_panel_on_build and my HTML.sublime-build is simply { "cmd": ["open", "$file"] }

What I've tried

When I add "show_panel_on_build": false to HTML.sublime-build my builds hang and do not complete (and the panel shows up!).

I also tried installing Better Build System, but then my build stopped working entirely. I did not investigate the issue in detail.

Obviously, I could so something silly like write a script which modifies my User Preferences file outside of ST2, but I'm hoping for a more elegant solution.

Any thoughts (or pointers to appropriate plugins) appreciated. Thanks!

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