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i am using Bonobo.Git.Server as my Git Repo Server.

how can i pass in credientials to clone a repo? Below is the c# code i use. but i keep getting this error,

ERROR_An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Invalid (Error). Failed to parse supported auth schemes: The operation identifier is not valid.

Credentials cred = new Credentials();

cred.Username = "pspl\admin";
cred.Password = "admin";

Repository.Clone("http://localhost:50287/Repo1.git", @"C:\Users\gohks\Desktop\testFolder", false, true, null, null, cred);

BTW can possible to send current logon windows crediential?

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It looks like you're relying on Windows authentication to communicate with Bonobo.

LibGit2Sharp doesn't support this by default. However you may find some help on the work done by @GasparNagy on this post to support NTLM authentication.

Supporting source code can be found here.

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I not using windows authentication, thou username looks like one. –  KS Kian Seng Feb 4 at 7:20
i manage to get it worked. i cannot supply domain in the username field. –  KS Kian Seng Feb 4 at 7:27
"i cannot supply domain in the username field" -> I'm not sure to understand this statement. Can you please elaborate? –  nulltoken Feb 4 at 8:31
"i manage to get it worked." -> Awesome! Maybe could you add an answer to this question describing what changes you've done in order to successfully communicate with Bonobo Git Server? That may help later other users with a similar issue. –  nulltoken Feb 4 at 8:32
in my code, Username = 'pspl\admin' but there is an error. after i change the Username = 'admin' the authentication pass thru. and clone was successful. –  KS Kian Seng Feb 4 at 9:16

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