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I have two models as follows:

class Bookshelf < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :books
    scope    :in_stock, -> { where(in_stock: true) }

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :bookshelf

I would like to find all the books in a collection of bookshelves based on a column in the bookshelf table efficiently. At the moment I have to loop through each member as follows:

available_bookshelves = Bookshelf.in_stock

This returns an activerecord relation To retrieve all the books in the relation, i am looping through the relation as follows:

available_bookshelves.each do |this_bookshelf|
    this_bookshelf.books.each do |this_book|
        process_isbn this_book

I would like all the books from the query so that I don't have to loop through each "bookshelf" from the collection returned individually. This works but feels verbose. I have other parts of the app where similar queries-loops are being performed.


Some clarification: Is there a way to get all books in all bookshelves that fit a certain criteria? For example, if there are 5 brown bookshelves, can we retrieve all the books in those bookshelves? something like (this is not valid code) brown_books = books where bookshelf is brown

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You can use the following query to get the books in the in stock book shelves

available_books = Book.where(bookshelf_id: Bookshelf.in_stock.select(:id))

That will run a single query which will look like:

SELECT books.*
FROM books
WHERE books.bookshelf_id IN (SELECT id FROM bookshelves WHERE in_stock = true)
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This works. Great! Thanks a lot. –  ranawaycoder Feb 4 '14 at 13:23

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