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I have spent a day trying debugging and trying to understand what is going wrong but...

So here is my code:


namespace RememberCalories\Rest;

interface MyJsonResponseInterface
    public function getResponse();

And here is the class which I want to inject:


namespace RememberCalories\Rest;

class MyJsonResponse implements MyJsonResponseInterface
    protected $success;
    protected $responseCode;
    protected $responseMsg;
    protected $data;

    public function __construct($data, $responseCode=0, $responseMsg='')
        $this->data         = $data;
        $this->responseCode = $responseCode;
        $this->responseMsg  = $responseMsg;

        if ( $this->responseCode === 0 ) {
            $this->success = true;


\App::bind('MyJsonResponseInterface', function($app, $parameters) {
    $obj = new \RememberCalories\Rest\MyJsonResponse(null);
//    var_dump($obj);
//    die();

    return $obj;

And at last the controller:


use \RememberCalories\MainMenu\MainMenu;
use \RememberCalories\Repository\TargetEloquentRepository as TargetRepository;
use \RememberCalories\Rest\MyJsonResponseInterface;
//use \RememberCalories\Rest\MyJsonResponse;

class BaseController extends Controller 
    protected $viewVars;
    protected $mainMenu;

    //Dependency injection classes
    protected $target;
    protected $myJsonResponse;

    public function __construct(TargetRepository $target, MyJsonResponseInterface $myJsonResponse )

        $this->target       = $target;
        //$this->myJsonResponse = $myJsonResponse;

        $this->mainMenu = (new MainMenu())->build();


So the problem is with the second parameter of BaseController: MyJsonResponseInterface. The first is injected without problems but this one I get an error:

Illuminate \ Container \ BindingResolutionException

Target [RememberCalories\Rest\MyJsonResponseInterface] is not instantiable.

It seems that the Closure in \App::bind('MyJsonResponseInterface' ...) is not called. I have moved it to service provider with the same result.

But at the same if to call manually \App::make('MyJsonResponseInterface') everything is created ideally.

Please advise what way to investigate.

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You need to App::bind the full namespace - so in your example, App::bind('RememberCalories\Rest\MyJsonResponseInterface').

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Thanks a lot. it helped. –  ypeskov Feb 4 '14 at 7:38

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