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I have added tt_content to [defaultCategorizedTables] to an use category in own extension, everything is allright, except workspace.

This way:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['defaultCategorizedTables'] = 

The number of categories in table tt_content (in which categories is content added) works with workspace, but sys_category_mm relation doesn't.

The change is logged in record history in workspace, but differencies in workspace are listed as N/A. And on the preview doesn't work, too.

Can I add category to workspace? How?

And does anybody know, if categories will work with workspace in the 6.2LTS ?

Thank you for answers ...


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There are several fixes in 6.2 that are not backportet to 6.1 due to compatibility problems. –  pgampe Feb 9 at 21:03

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