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How do I fill the value of a dom node input with Mechanize?

I want the website to show a range of trucks manufactured from 2010 upwards so I can parse the relevant information.

There is no actual form involved.

This is the code:

require "mechanize"

@url = "https://www.kleyntrucks.nl/vrachtwagens/trekker/"

a = Mechanize.new do |agent|
  agent.user_agent_alias = 'Mac Safari'
  agent.follow_meta_refresh = true

a.get(@url) do |page|

    bouwjaar_range_field = page.search("#imprp0")

    bouwjaar_range_details = bouwjaar_range_field.search(".details")

    input = bouwjaar_range_details.search("input")[0]

    input.value = "2010"


This is the output:

/Users/username/Dropbox/Development/Rails/folder/lib/tasks/experiment.rb:20:in `block in <main>': undefined method `value=' for #<Nokogiri::XML::Element:0x007fd4ab0fd9a8> (NoMethodError)
    from /Users/username/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p353@global/gems/mechanize-2.7.3/lib/mechanize.rb:442:in `get'
    from /Users/username/Dropbox/Development/Rails/folder/lib/tasks/experiment.rb:10:in `<main>'
[Finished in 1.9s with exit code 1]

pp input gives me the following output:

#(Element:0x3fe33c82ab68 {
  name = "input",
  attributes = [
    #(Attr:0x3fe33c869430 { name = "type", value = "hidden" }),
    #(Attr:0x3fe33c8692a0 { name = "name", value = "slider_from" }),
    #(Attr:0x3fe33c869278 { name = "value", value = "1968" })]

puts input gives me the following output:

<input type="hidden" name="slider_from" value="1968">

Any ideas?


What I want it to do:

  1. Visit https://www.kleyntrucks.com/trucks/tractorunit/
  2. Set "MATRICULATION YEAR" (iow year of manufacture) to the range of 2010 and 2014
  3. Scrape information about all the trucks that are listed (and are manufactured between 2010 and 2014)
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Change the line input.value = "2010"


input['value'] = "2010"

type, name etc are the attributes of the input element. You need to use Nokogiri::XML::Node#[]= method for the same.

Read the documentation of []=(name, value)

Set the attribute value for the attribute name to value

Example :

require 'nokogiri'

doc = Nokogiri::XML <<-xml
<foo atr = '123'> test </foo>

doc.at('foo')['atr'] # => "123"
doc.at('foo')['atr'] = "999"
puts doc

output :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<foo atr="999"> test </foo>
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Thank you Arup, this works for pp input now shows the correct value. But when I do puts page.content after that the input value is still 0. Any ideas? I want the website to show a range of trucks manufactured from 2010 upwards so I can parse the relevant information. –  narzero Feb 4 at 8:23
@narzero page.search("#imprp0") gives you a Nokogiri::HTML or Nokogiri::XML Document. And with that parsed document object, you did the changes. But page is simply a Mechanize::Page object. Thus the changes will not be present page.content, rather do puts bouwjaar_range_field, you can see the changes. –  Arup Rakshit Feb 4 at 8:32
Thanks a lot for your help. I do see the change now, but I just see the HTML from page.search("#imprp0") and it does not contain the truck information I need. How can I make sure that it does include the value of 2010 and all the page information? –  narzero Feb 4 at 8:46
I just sent you a mail, thanks a lot for the help –  narzero Feb 4 at 9:00
@narzero I think, as per your post error, I answered, I think you can accept it. For your new need, please post a different question. –  Arup Rakshit Feb 4 at 9:03

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