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I am not able to find any information on if an Oracle 12c client is going to be able to connect to a Oracle server installation (on a diffrent machine). Both in a Windows enviroment.

Does anyone have information on this?

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IIRC I was able to connect to a 10g oracle (AIX) with 11g client (win). –  Alexander Feb 4 at 8:15

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As mentioned in the documentation, note 207303.1 on the Oracle Support site has an interoperability matrix between client and server versions. That says that the 12c client is not supported with a 10.1 server, and indeed that connections will error. (You'll need to look at the note for details as information from MOS shouldn't be shared; I think this is generic enough to get away with...).

Even for supported versions, you'll need to test that everything you do does work - supported doesn't necessarily mean there are no known issues, but should mean that anything you find can be investigated and fixed (or worked around) by Oracle Support.

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