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I'm working on a Mac OS application that should be supported on 10.7. The project was created under Xcode 5 running on Mavericks with base localization initially enabled.

I've now removed base localization so that I can support 10.7 but have been unable to get the application to run at all anymore, either on 10.7 or 10.9 because Xcode generates the following error:

Unable to load nib file: MainMenu.xib, exiting

So I added a new MainMenu.xib file via File - New File - MainMenu. I wired up the AppDelegate object and set the delegates.

Back in the project file, I made sure of the following:

  • MainMenu.xib is part of the build target's Copy Bundle Resources build phase.
  • Made sure that MainMenu.xib is selected in the targets General - Main Interface setting
  • Checked in the File Inspector for MainMenu.xib and saw that it was localized into English and that a checkmark was checked beside that.

I can't think of what else should be set. I've even created a new, empty project for testing. With that, I made no changes other than to delete the base localization and then attempt to re-add a new MainMenu.xib and follow the steps outlined above, but to no avail. That build fails as well when launching in Xcode with the same error.

I've even tried using a different XIB file with a different name (yet still one setup as a MainMenu) but all that did was change the error message to reflect the new XIB name I had specified in the settings.

While I'm sure base localization is great, I'm hoping to support 10.7 users so I don't believe that keeping base localization enabled is an option for me.

Any help (even if it's pointing out the obvious) would be much appreciated.

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In your Apps Info.plist file (or Info settings in Xcode), what's the value of the Localization native development region? This should be your native language. Also, what's the file layout of your XIBs right now? Is your MainMenu.xib in the base Resources folder or in an .lproj folder? –  gaige Feb 4 at 11:31
@gaige: The Localization Native Development Region is set to en, which sounds right to me. My MainMenu.xib file is located in the en.lproj folder, the few other XIB files I use are located one directory higher (where Xcode defaults to putting all your source files). I do not have a folder called Resources. Using the file inspector in Xcode, I've checked that my project is correctly referencing that MainMenu.xib file. Still at a loss. –  kennyc Feb 4 at 21:11

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I think I finally found the culprit. When the base localization was deleted, a new MainMenu XIB file needed to be created and selected in the target. Under Targets - Deployment Info - Main Interface the drop-down menu lists all available XIB files in the project that you could specify as the Main Interface. Naturally, I selected my newly created MainMenu.xib file and that's where the problems started.

After diff'ing the changes that Xcode had made to the Project Settings file, I noticed that in the working copy, the Main Interface key was set to MainMenu whereas in the non-working copy the key was set to MainMenu.xib, which is precisely what was in the drop-down menu.

Manually removing the .xib extension from the Targets - Deployment Info - Main Interface combo-box appears to have things working again. Note that it was the combo box in the first place that added the .xib suffix.

There might be more at play here, but that simple change has resulted in the program now properly launching.

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