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I'm trying to login to a Google Account for request Picassa Web photos with AJAX. That's the code:

xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();

With this firebug shows a 200 OK status in the Net tab but an unexplained error in the Console. Of course nothing appears in the div called "prova" since answer is empty.

I also try to add this header:


But then firebug shows a 400 Bad Request in the Net tab. Can you help me? Thank you.

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Solved! Firefox and new browsers don't let make AJAX call to third-party applications for security reasons. All is explained here: xml.com/pub/a/2005/11/09/… –  davidgnin Jan 29 '10 at 10:11

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You should be able to view the ajax reponse in firebug and see what is gtting posted back to you - you can get a 200 error but still get an error in the post back. Don't you need to do something with an AuthToken too?

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The response is empty :( I want the AuthToken to get photos from a picassaweb account, but I would simplify the problem. In fact, at the beginning I was using Prototype but I decide to do it without frameworks with the aim of understand the problem. –  davidgnin Jan 28 '10 at 14:15
just googled a bit - does the picasa api actually support javascript? I've only every used curl to do this. –  matpol Jan 28 '10 at 15:01
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Solved! Firefox and new browsers don't let make AJAX call to third-party applications for security reasons. All is explained here: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2005/11/09/fixing-ajax-xmlhttprequest-considered-harmful.html

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Wasn't sure if we got the authToken or not...

Here's how I've been making xDomain Posts:

It requires having a little library (tiny) called flyJSONP, which uses YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) as a JSONP hack. Works great, but cannot post/get headers. After, I send data to php which then makes a cross-domain post with necessary header.

FlyJSONP also works with get... FlyJSONP.get({...

        url: "https://www.google.com/accounts/ClientLogin",
        parameters: {
            name: "value"
        success: function(data) {
            console.log("the response is: " + data);
        error: function(errorMsg) {
        complete: function(data){
            console.log("...completed post!");
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