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I am storing data with row key made up of CassandraUtil::UUID4(). Now I have upgraded the version of phpcassa to 1.0.6. When I am making "get_indexed_slices" call for the column family it returns the iterator object. Key for the iterator is very weared.


I am clueless how to get value of the key from above string. Looks like PHPCASSA is serializng some object and using it as a key.If so can you tell me the we functions that will be available in the unserialized object?

Does anybody have an idea?

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On debugging I come to know about class "phpcassa\Schema\DataType\UUIDType"

Pack method in the class is doing exactly what I am looking for.

$Obj = unserialize($value);

will gives us the byets value of the UUID4.

Posting it for future reference to my friends on internet.

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