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I have a div element which I'm using as a pop-over search field which I want to have appear under the element which is being filtered. However, it seems that I cannot use the style.bottom and style.left of the element I want the field to be relative to as this element is static.

Example is here:

Clicking the Header 2 link will have the input box appear, in the top-left corner of the table. I would like it to appear roughly where Data 1.2 is. How do I achieve this?

(Code in example.html is on one page, in live dev CSS and JS are in separate files)

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Note: you are using the XHTML1.1 doctype. That version is for XML applications but you are serving the page as HTML. You should change it to HTML4.01 doctype, or maybe HTML5. – Rob Jan 28 '10 at 14:24
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this works in FF and Google-Chrome

var head = document.getElementById("header_2");
var filter = document.getElementById("search_filter"); = ""; = head.offsetLeft + 'px'; = head.offsetTop + head.offsetHeight + 'px';

it should work with IE as well..

i used variables filter and head to cut down on typing :)

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Thanks, this works perfectly. – Andrew Jan 28 '10 at 14:12

Set the element you wish to position the other element with respect to to position: relative.

This will make it the containing block for any descendants that are position: absolute (unless an element between the two is also position: not static).

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This does not work, because #search_filter is not a descendant of #header_2. – ЯegDwight Jan 28 '10 at 14:06

The problem is that for header_2 both style.left and style.bottom are 0, so that

document.getElementById("search_filter").style.left =
document.getElementById("search_filter") =

is equivalent to

document.getElementById("search_filter").style.left = 0;
document.getElementById("search_filter") = 0;

which is exactly what happens. You have to find out header_2's actual position, e.g. using jQuery.

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