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i am trying to build a web app that everyone can manage their (multi)twitter accounts using it. i figured out authentication already so i don't have any problem with that. also using the rest api the app could manage accounts fully. but there is a problem called "rate limit". so there is also "streaming api" that allows you to receive informations real-time but limited count of users only.

my app's interface like tweetdeck or hootsuite. when user refresh a column, it querying from local db not twitter api. so i want to create a cron-job to insert/update/delete stuff in my db.

so far imo my app must use streaming api right? considering one browser manages 10+ twitter accounts, total online users 1000+ that means huge amount of data transfering.

here are my questions: - how can i manage many accounts using one web-app escaping the twitter api limits? - how tweetdeck or hootsuite figured out this? - is "streaming api and lists" proper way to handle this situation?


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Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter. But for other big players I guess they got access to the Site Streams api. But "Site Streams is currently in a limited beta. Access is restricted to whitelisted accounts." –  maxdec Feb 4 at 11:11
i noticed that thanks. also looking for an answer for "how do i get my app whitelisted?" so far no luck! –  altar2 Feb 4 at 12:18
Fill the form spreadsheets.google.com/… –  Pawan Chawda Oct 7 at 13:10

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