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I'm searching for a free text/code editor WinForms control just like ScintillaNET.

I cannot use ScintillaNET, because it doesn't support Mono.

Ideally it should be a pure managed control.

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Doesn't sharpdevelop have a control? Or monodevelop? Can you get their source and see if you can use a control from there? Or would this work? Fireedit from Code project. Or this?

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Have you looked at Sharp Develop?

I think its open source so you can get the text editor they created...


See this post: Free Syntax Highlighting .NET Editor

And, as a further help - SharpDevelop 4.0 uses AvalonEdit as the Syntax highlighting editor:


how to use AvalonEdit:


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AvalonEdit is WPF. Mono doesn't support WPF. –  mhutch Jan 29 '10 at 0:46

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