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i have a new virtual server account from godaddy.

  • i named my hostname = assign ip.. and get respond on pinging..
  • i edited my domain's nameservers settings from godaddy page, to and
  • on whm>setup page, i entered, assign ip(same ip as hostname)... and add a records..

now.. do ou have any idea, why i cant get ping response from it says 'unknown host'... and also, in whm>name server ip page, it says NO IP..

what should i do?

edit: when i check with; i can see the domain ns records are ns1/

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Have you setup BIND or a DNS service on your machine? What you've essentially done is told the world that:

These are my nameservers (you really should have two separate servers for DNS) for and you should ask them about

When a DNS request is made, there's a big chance you aren't serving up the zone - just a hunch based on your question. When someone "pings" a domain, they request an A record for that domain.

e.g. ping = DNS request for to return the A record to identify the IP address to proceed sending packets to it.

I'm 99% certain that you haven't setup a DNS service (e.g. BIND). You need to setup something like BIND and configure it to return DNS requests or use a DNS service provider. It's a little more intensive than simply saying their nameservers, they actually need to be nameservers! :)

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