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I have the following two vectors


I would like to plot a histogram where y vector denotes the frequency and the x vector denotes the x-axis values

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# create df with required frequency
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Better to just use hist(rep(x,y)) as in sdir's answer –  user20650 Feb 4 at 11:32
That is a fine answer as well. Sorry, didn't see it before I made my post. I think it is even nicer than me as you get separate vectors when you use mapply! –  sdir Feb 4 at 11:33

Try to use this:

# replicate each element in x y-times
z <- rep(x,y)
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dat <- data.frame(x=c(-525,-520,-515,-460,-455,-450), y=c(6,20,976,20,16,78))
barplot(dat$y, names.arg=dat$x, ylim=c(5,80), ylab=" frequency", xlab="x- Value")
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